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If you’re a US-based student looking for financial assistance to help pay for your higher education, then Alex Gierbolini has the scholarship for you.

Alex Gierbolini

About Alex Gierbolini

Alex Gierbolini, CPWA®
Senior Vice President
Wealth Management Advisor

Alex joined Merrill Lynch in 2012, after 12 years working in UBS, adding to 14 years of experience previous to joining us. He focuses on offering a customized approach to wealth management with an emphasis on thorough analysis of clients’ needs and assets.

Alex Gierbolini Scholarship

The Alex Gierbolini Scholarship is designed to provide financial support and encouragement to students who are committed to pursuing their educational goals. This scholarship will be awarded on an annual basis with funds from the Alex Gierbolini.

You can apply now by following below rules! And if you have any questions or would like more information about the scholarship, please contact us at info@AlexGierboliniScholarship.com. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Alex Gierbolini

Alex Gierbolini Scholarship Instructions:

Alex Gierbolini Scholarship can be awarded to deserving Graduate and Post Graduate students in current year.


Candidate should be selected at an authorize USA school or college. The Alex Gierbolini scholarship will be granted dependent on our survey for your submitted essay.

The award winner can have written a creative essay of 700-850 words addressing the following questions: “How health and education can impact yourself and others?”

Amount of Scholarship:

Amount of this Scholarship $1000/-


Deadline for this Alex Gierbolini Scholarship is “March 01, 2022”.

The Winner Announcement date will be notified on “March 15, 2022”

We will notify the winner’s name by email or a call.

How to Apply:

The document should be 12-point text, double spaced and contain 1,000 words or less. The title of the essay must be “How health and education can impact yourself and others?” Following this is a prompt to answer what will happen if you are healthy or educated; finally, there’s an email address for submissions:

  1. First Name Last Name, Phone Number
  2. Mailing Address
  3. Email Address
  4. Your high school Graduation Date (YYYY.MM.DD)
  5. The college/university you are applying to, have been accepted to, or are currently enrolled in.
  6. In addition, your personal bio in 290 characters or less.
  7. Current or last GPA

To apply, submit your scholarship application to apply info info@AlexGierboliniScholarship.com.

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